325 acres, 3700 feet on Round Pond, fantastic development opportunity, offered at $799,900


In the year 1760, Rangeley was first visited by the outside world. Explorers were looking for a route from Quebec to Massachusetts that did not involve travel by water. As word spread about the unique nature of this region, it was claimed by the state of Massachusetts. It is interesting to note that all of Maine was part of Massachusetts until 1820.

In the year 1796, the land containing Rangeley was sold to a group of men including James Rangeley, Sr. Even though Mr. Rangeley, Sr. never visited the area, he did leave his land to his son, James Rangeley, Jr.

Before Squire James Rangeley made his way to this magnificent chain of lakes in 1825, reports of trout and salmon weighing over 8 pounds had surfaced. When he arrived he found this to be true. The town was named for Squire Rangeley because of the excellence of management and fair governance he exhibited as the owner.

Rangeley's reputation began to spread throughout the northeast as a fisherman's and sportsman's paradise. By 1860, many hunting and fishing camps sprung up and Rangeley became known as the world's foremost fly fishing destination.

The land offered at Round Pond was once the Evergreen Village. (The old brochure is available for viewing on this website.) At that time, Evergreen Village was described as "one of the last remaining tracts of virgin vacationland in the United States, amidst beautiful lakes and mountains." Not much has changed. Round Pond remains a pristine, unspoiled area nestled in the fir-spruce-pine and white birch forest. Round Pond and its surrounding beauty remains as it was when Squire Rangeley arrived. Come to Round Pond in Rangeley, Maine and see for yourself.